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Have your company liquidated quickly and effectively at an affordable price. We are licensed and regulated as expert company liquidators. Let us explain your options. Then support you through the process as we liquidate your company. We’ve been liquidating companies for over 40 years.

What is Liquidation?

Liquidation is a way set out by law to close a company. What the company owns is turned into money: it is liquidated. That money is paid first to those it owes and then to its owners. An insolvent liquidation is when what is owed can’t be paid. If it can, it’s a solvent liquidation. A director or owner is not made to pay what a company can’t pay.

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COVID-19: For many businesses things may appear bleak in this worrying and ever changing environment. The Government has introduced emergency measures to support businesses affected by the Coronavirus pandemic - we recommend exploring these options before making any big decisions. We are helping as many businesses as we can. If your business was under pressure prior to COVID-19, by exploring the rescue and recovery options available, you may be better placed for the return to normality. As part of our commitment to help businesses adapt to this challenging situation we have launched to help you plan the best way forwards.

There is no cost to speak to us. We’ll listen then explain the options. We only liquidate a company if it’s the best choice. For many who contact us we can set out other choices.

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We went online in the early 2000’s and have set the standards since then. Match this with our speed and price. We’re part of F A Simms & Partners Limited. Richard Simms is our managing director and main author for this site.


Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation CVL

Can’t pay what’s owed; then this liquidation is the most used. If there’s pressure on the company, then we can quickly speak to those chasing payment. We can to explain to them that a liquidation is starting and what’s next. Click through to read about a CVL and to understand the process.


Members’ Voluntary Liquidation MVL

A tax efficient route to remove money or assets from a solvent company. We work with your accountant or tax adviser. This makes the process smooth and quick. We’ll explain the steps and prepare the documents. We’re here to support you and get your money to you as soon as possible.


Received or Being Threatened with a Winding Up Petition?

Your options may be far wider than you think; even if HMRC are about to close you down! There may still be time to get organise a longer-term repayment plan. This could give vital breathing space and give time for your business to be saved.


Start Afresh Liquidation

This allows the directors of a company to purchase the goodwill and assets of an insolvent company. Then Start Afresh in a new company.


Compulsory Liquidation; Court Liquidation

Those owed money by a company may send a winding-up petition to court. If not stopped then on the date set by the court a court liquidation order will be made. This type of liquidation is managed by the Government Insolvency Service. A way to buy back the business from the liquidator will not be available.



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