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Expertly guiding UK businesses through challenging times since 1978

Licensed insolvency practitioners & liquidation specialists

Our liquidation specialists are experts in supporting company directors through times of financial distress.

You can’t pay your Bounce Back Loan, your creditors or your employees.

Work has dried up and there’s no money coming in.

You’re trapped in a premises lease agreement.

You want to know how to liquidate your company and restart without debt.

Our liquidation specialists and experts can show you all the options and help you decide on the best solution. If liquidation is your choice, our licensed insolvency practitioners will do their best to reduce the stress and minimise the cost.

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Solvent liquidation?

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Practical company liquidation solutions that make life easier for you

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Free initial meeting

We’ll get to know you and your business to decide the best way to help.

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No paperwork

We’ll take all the paperwork off your hands and organise all the meetings.

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Local to you

We can meet you at any location that’s convenient. Nationwide.

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A network of trusted agents

We’ll handle the valuation and sale of any assets to get the best deal for you.

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Creditors taken care of

We’ll contact those owed money and collaborate with your professional advisors.

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Competitive fees

We won’t charge you over the odds for our liquidation service.

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Liquidation.co.uk is part of the FA Simms family

We have a different view when it comes to helping businesses.

By looking at a business from every angle, we’re able to uncover all the possibilities for companies to not only survive but succeed and transform. This positive approach is one we’ve championed since FA Simms was established in 1978.

Since then, we’ve enabled thousands of SMEs to overcome their challenges and make the right decisions at the right time.

Our team of business rescue experts and licensed insolvency practitioners is passionate about supporting businesses through every challenge and finding the best possible outcome for them. Get in touch to see how we could help you.

What is voluntary company liquidation?

Liquidation in the UK is the legal process by which a limited company stops trading and ceases to exist. Employees are made redundant. Any assets are used to pay off outstanding company debts and fees. A director or owner is not made to pay what the company can’t pay.

An insolvent liquidation is when a business becomes insolvent and is unable to pay its debts. If the limited company has no purpose or the owner is retiring, this is a solvent liquidation, or ‘winding up’ a solvent company.

Call us on 0800 054 6580 or request a call back

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