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Solvent Business Advice

We offer solvent business advice to hundreds of companies every year. As a solvent company, your asset value will exceed what you owe to creditors. Working with a licensed insolvency expert will guarantee that you effectively liquidate and distribute your company asset.  Don’t forget assets can be distributed without turning them into cash, if that’s the preference of the shareholders, for example an investment property.

If your assets exceed £25,000 and you’re able to pay off any creditors within a 12 month period; then our Members Voluntary Liquidation service will almost certainly be financially beneficial to shareholders.

How We Can Help You:

Finding insolvency experts who can work closely with you and your company while also delivering on expectations can be difficult. At, we pride ourselves on being able to provide the solvent business advice you really need, at a price you can afford, just when you need it.

We can match any like-for-like quote and, we’ve been trading for nearly 40 years, so you can be sure you get an insolvency advice team that is 100% on your side.
Our insolvency practitioners can arrange a free initial face to face meeting to discuss all the issues and explain the different options; including an MVL, that are available to you.

We offer several great benefits:

  • Low cost solvent business advice which doesn’t mean lack of expertise – our insolvency practitioners are all licensed with the IPA.
  • All of our senior case managers have a minimum CPI (Certificate of Proficiency in Insolvency) qualification and the whole of our team regularly update their skills so they know all the latest developments and best practice.
  • At our first, free face to face meeting we’ll be able to explore your options and make suggestions for moving forward to your best advantage.
  • With offices across the UK, we can arrange to meet at a location of your choice to give you the best business solvent advice in the country.
  • Unlike many insolvency practitioners we understand that the requirements of solvent company shareholders are different to those of an insolvent company and tailor our service accordingly.

Find out more about our service offering for solvent businesses here:


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