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No Asset Liquidation

If you want to liquidate your company but there are no assets remaining, then a No Asset Liquidation would be a cheap and efficient process to enter.

What does the package include?

Our No Asset Liquidation package is designed to be low cost and an easy process for all involved. It is appropriate when the company:

  • Has ceased to trade
  • Has no assets
  • Is insolvent

The following is included in our No Asset Liquidation package:

  • Free telephone advice
  • Fixed fee quote
  • Preparation of all statutory paperwork
  • Case Manager assigned to you for the duration of the process
  • All meetings held at the most convenient satellite office to you from the following list:
  1. London (Euston & Barbican offices)
  2. Birmingham
  3. Bristol
  4. Oxford
  5. Reading
  6. Leeds
  7. Norwich
  8. Manchester
  9. Milton Keynes
  10. Leicestershire

Why would you want to liquidate your company?

If your company has ceased to trade and has no assets you may think that you can either just leave it or strike it off at Companies House for a low fee. However with these options there will always be the worry of a creditor chasing you for their owed company.

Why would you choose to help? offers a No Asset Liquidation package that gives you all the support of a liquidation process but without the large fee.

You will receive initial advice direct from a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner and have a qualified Case Manager appointed to your case should you wish to proceed.

The lower fee is a result of the situation of your company. If it fits our above criteria then there should be minimal work needed throughout the liquidation process. It will just be a case of holding the meetings, producing the statutory paperwork and conducting the statutory investigations. The flexibility of you agreeing to hold all meetings at one of our satellite offices, again aids in the lower cost.

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