Members’ Voluntary Liquidation (MVL)

We offer a low cost Members’ Voluntary Liquidation and have helped thousands of solvent businesses go through this valuable procedure. We don’t charge for the initial consultation, so if you want to sit down and discuss how we can help your company, give us a call today.

Planning is perhaps the most important part of a successful MVL procedure.  Don’t take the risk of not getting the right advice.

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What Are The Benefits Of An MVL?

  • An MVL can mean tax benefits for shareholders as distributions are classed as capital receipts rather than income.
  • If distributions are set to be over £25,000 then it’s highly likely that shareholders will benefit from the successful completion of the Members’ Voluntary Liquidation process.
  • It may also be possible to apply for Entrepreneurs’ Relief which can be claimed against capital gains on qualifying shares. The rate of tax relief can be reduced to as little as 10%.
  • The MVL process can also be used if you want to undertake solvent restructuring through a S.110 agreement.
  • We are always clear to recommend the that the shareholders of a company take professional tax advice before undertaking an MVL. It is often the case the accountants, bookkeepers and tax advisors recommend clients to us to work with them to put an MVL into place.


Why Should You Use a Voluntary Liquidation Service?

  • We have the experience of dealing with a wide range of businesses and sectors, helping them to put the procedure in place and providing the MVL advice they need.
  • To undertake a Members’ Voluntary Liquidation, you need to employ the services of a Licenced Insolvency Practitioner.
  • Our team of practitioners are fully qualified and highly experienced and work with an equally qualified support team to ensure your business follows all the conventions of setting up this type of liquidation.
  • There are several components that you need to put in place for a successful outcome. This includes the initial setting up of the board meeting, your Declaration of Solvency and issuing notice to the shareholders as well as the transfer of company funds. Rest assue we will prepare these steps for you.

Members’ Voluntary Liquidation Costs

As one of the leading liquidation companies in the UK, we’re able to offer some of the lowest costs found in the market for our Voluntary Members Liquidation Service. From the moment we agree to undertake your company’s liquidation to the company’s final removal from the Companies House register, our team will be working closely with you and your representatives to ensure that all legal requirements are met and your company goes through a smooth transition.

Good planning will manage time and costs.

At each stage, you’ll have access to qualified professionals who are trained to do the job at hand. With over 40 years of in business we’ve been delivering a quality, low cost liquidation service that we believe is second to none for many years. If you are considering going through the voluntary liquidation process and need the best MVL advice at a great price, contact us today!

We’re the expert voluntary members liquidation service that you can afford.

A Members’ Voluntary Liquidation from costs from £2,000 including third party costs.

What is the MVL Process?

When looking to conduct a Members’ Voluntary Liquidation, it’s important to understand the key stages involved in successfully completing an MVL order.
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