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Liquidation Options

If your company is no longer needed or viable to continue to use, seeking advice from insolvency practitioners such as ourselves to understand what liquidation options are available is the fundamental first step to successfully liquidating your company. Getting the best outcome for yourselves and if it’s the case, anyone owed money by the company immediately becomes the priority.

Here at we have been helping company owners and directors across the UK for four decades deal with the closure of their companies in both solvent and insolvent circumstances.

When your company is faced with insolvency then it can be a difficult time for all involved. Acting quickly can often save unnecessary stress as we take control of your affairs and act on your behalf. Our objective is to protect you, your directors, your shareholders and where possible, your company.

If you company is solvent we will work with your accountants to  make the process quick and easy for you.

If for whatever reason your company is facing liquidation then it can become overwhelming when presented with so many options. As liquidation experts with 40 years in business, our team of qualified individuals are on hand to take your call today. We offer a completely free and confidential consultation and in any circumstances we will discuss the available options which may include the following liquidation options alongside other formal and informal options such as:

The Solvent Liquidation options are:

The Insolvent Liquidation options are:

How We Can Help

As industry leading experts with 40 years’ experience; we are in the best position to match any like for like quote ensuring you receive the best service for the lowest price.

Don’t forget that if your business can be saved whether within your existing company or through a new company we can explain the process and options to for this as well!


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