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Options For Your Company or Business

Simply get in touch if you’d like to discuss your options or read on if you’d like to learn more before speaking to us.

Solvent Liquidation Options (there’s more than £25,000 of reserves in the company)

Insolvent Liquidation Options (there’s not enough to pay everyone)

Business Rescue Options (save the company or the business within it)

Options for Tax Debts


The Solvent Liquidation options are (this means that your company CAN PAY everyone it owes money to):


The Insolvent Liquidation options are (this means that your company CANNOT PAY everyone if owes money to):

The Business Rescue options are (this could be a rescue of your company or the business within it):

This link will take you to F A Simms & Partners which is our full service sister website

Options for Tax Debts are (HMRC on your tail?):

This link will take you to F `A Simms & Partners which is our full service sister website

If your company has been dormant or either has no assets or doesn’t owe any money then a strike-off my be your best option.


Don’t like nasty surprises ?

Neither do we.

We’ll be honest and open with you which will mean no surprises for you as we undertake our legal requirements as liquidators.

We do ideally need to speak to you to advise you properly and often we will meet as well, if that is what you would prefer.


Why speak to us?

  • is owned and operated by F A Simms & Partners one of the most reputable and long established independent licensed insolvency practices.
  • We’re bricks and mortar and have a team of 20 ready to assist.
  • 2018 was our 40th year in business having advised and helped 1,000’s of businesses over that time.
  • Our administration centre is in Lutterworth in Leicestershire which means our costs are kept at a manageable level.  From this base we cover the UK.
  • Our directors are experienced, practical and commercial insolvency practitioners who also own our business.
  • We are not and don’t use brokers or consultants so there’s not need to pay twice to reach a licensed insolvency practitioner.
  • We’re actually very normal, approachable people who happen to work in the insolvency and rescue sector, we work hard and take pride in what we do!
  • Our reputation with our customers, partners and across the UK is the result of hard work and we will not damage that through poor advice.


If you are thinking about having to liquidate a company you will be faced with a mass of information from websites seeking to convince you to speak to them.

It’s not just the information that is freely available on the web that you will need to understand before deciding whether to liquidate and who to call on for help to liquidate.

It you do not fully understand both the process and the risks of liquidation you could be taking on a host of new problems that you weren’t aware of.

Whether your company cannot pay those that it owes money to or has assets or cash to distribute to its owners, we can help.

Why not get in touch and speak to one of our licensed insolvency practitioners who are also our company directors.  We can offer practical advice to help you make the best decision for your unique circumstances.

It’s free for a consultation and our advice is confidential.

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