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Costs To Liquidate a Company

Your liquidation costs are one of the biggest concerns for any company facing insolvency or looking for the benefits of a formal closure. Our company liquidation fees are some of the lowest in the country and we pride ourselves in providing the kind of service that many business owners are looking for if the time comes when a liquidation is desireable.

Liquidation Costs

  • With a number of liquidation options on offer, we don’t charge for that initial consultation, whether it’s on the phone or face to face in person.
  • Remember that unlike many firms, our consultation will be with a licensed insolvency practitioner not with sales agent which is common with many firms.
  • We want to ensure that you get the best advice from the outset. That’s why we don’t charge for that initial phone call or personal meeting.
  • Our company liquidation fees are some of the most competitive on the market today which means you can maintain control of your finances at this important time.

What You Get for Your Company Liquidation Fees

If you’re considering the cost to liquidate your company, you’ll want to understand how much of a service you’re going to get for your budget. We’ve been working with SMEs all around the UK for over forty years – we know what we are doing and have helped businesses in a wide range of sectors.

Our team of highly experienced insolvency practitioners are backed by a team of well-trained support staff who are committed to fighting your side as you go through liquidation. The majority of our case managers are qualified to CPI (Certificate of Proficiency in Insolvency) level and you can expect helpful and friendly advice at all times.

The cost of liquidation is certainly an important aspect of any insolvency process and you don’t want to be left looking for funds when you most need them to wind up your business. You also need the best advice and a service that is there for you 100%.

Our low company liquidation process remains extremely competitive and we’ve always prided ourselves, over the 40 years we’ve been business, in providing a professional service that counts when it’s most needed.


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