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How Much Will Liquidating a Company Cost and Who Pays

  • A company will usually pay to liquidate itself from its assets (cash, money owed to it, physical assets etc.)
  • If a company does not have assets to use, then typically company directors and shareholders pay to liquidate the company
  • If a company is forced into liquidating through the courts (compulsory) then a deposit and costs must be paid to the court
  • Liquidating an insolvent or solvent company with will start from £3,000
  • We are happy to consider payment terms for liquidation costs wherever possible
  • Click to learn more; Company Liquidation Costs

Insider Tips:

Look out for unlicensed advisors who will add their costs on to the fees of any liquidator and push the overall cost upwards.

We wouldn’t want to mislead you with eye catching prices that turn out to be eye watering bills. We’d rather be upfront about costs; in fact, you’ll be pleased with our prices. In many cases, we can work on a fixed fee basis

We will quote you on your actual situation and will be glad to offer you a price, that you can take or leave as you wish

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